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After 11 fun filled seasons, Battlefield Paintball has decided to shut down its operations with the owners moving on. As a result, the items that make up a successful paintball operation are for sale to anybody that might be interested and perhaps opening their own paintball field. Some of the major items are:
- 8.4 CFM compressor at 5000 psi. With 4 air storage cylinders rated at 4500 psi @44 4 ft.³ each.
  This unit comes with either a 9 hp. gasoline engine or 7.5 hp electric motor and controls.
- An air control system with a 3000 PSI regulator, 2 Kaliber II paintball fill stations and all necessary hoses
  and fittings.
- A TOA – 60 W, 8 channel modular mixer/amp. Included would be a Shure wireless headset condenser
  microphone system and accessories. Included are 2 weather resistant speakers.
- Approximately 115 Ninja compressed air tanks rated at 45 and 3000 PSI for paintball markers.
- Approximately 125 Tippman Custom 98 paintball markers varying in ages from new to 11 years.
- Approximately 100 rental jackets for players.
- Approximately 25 rental coveralls for players.
- Approximately 125 rental masks for players.
- Approximately 125 rental pod packs for players.
- Hundreds of 140 paintball pods for players.
- In excess of 100 bandannas in 6 different colors for team identification.
- 40 team flags with aluminum flag poles in 6 colors.
- A solar array system to supply 120 V AC.
- Numerous obstacles with steel frames and wood sides that are easily movable.
- 1 main tower with steel frame and wood siding, 10 feet from ground to floor.
- 2 towers with steel frame and wood siding, 6 feet from the ground floor.
- 1 – 48’ insulated container with diesel heat.
- Numerous steel and wood cupboards, workbenches and storage racks.
- Hundreds of feet of used safety netting in 10 and 12 foot widths.
- 1 school bus used for transportation.

These items are some of the necessities to start up and maintain a successful paintball field. There are numerous other items that would be included. We have included a number of pictures to give you an idea of which is available. You can get let us know by using the “contact us” heading.

We look forward to hearing from you.
And again, to all of those that came out to our field over the years, you made it a pleasure to serve you.

Thanks again.



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